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by JeffreyL on August 24, 2014

The Solution to Herpes  - Home PageClick Image To Visit SiteImagine that in as little as 2 days you could be Genital herpes free? How would that feel? To be in complete control and know that herpes will never be a problem again? It would be amazing to say the least. And that is what TSTH does.

Why is The Solution to Herpes so Effective? The Solution to Herpes targets the reason why outbreaks occurs. Focusing on how to stop the outbreak BEFORE it comes up and suppressing it so deeply that no symptoms show. The Solution to Herpes is so effective because it was created by a Master of Hypnosis & NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Life Coach and Meditation graduate who personally had been coping with genital herpes for 9 years. Who has tried everything from viral medication, topical creams, vitamins, liquid drinks and one application relief, just to name a few, BUT nothing worked. And out of sheer frustration decided to study and research everything about Herpes and how it occurs and what can be done to suppress it, PERMANENTLY!

To find out why The Solution to Herpes works so well, we need to firstly look at: How do outbreaks occur? Do you believe you influence when and how outbreaks occur? Or do you think your body just does as it pleases and chooses when an genital herpes outbreak will happen? And why do some people get outbreaks all the time while others don’t? Simply put, you are the main influence on your body and when it will trigger an outbreak. Genital herpes outbreaks in men and woman are caused by many factors;

SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Outbreaks are mainly caused by; stress, fatigue, sickness, menstruation and/ or poor nutrition. Stress is the main trigger for all the other causes to occur. Stress is caused by your mental and emotional state (how you think and feel). Good emotions product healthy and positive states. Worry and stress cause disease and a negative state.

How does STRESS cause Herpes Outbreaks? Be it mental or physical stress (sickness, fatigue, menstruation, alcohol or poor nutrition), when we are stressed the brain signals the body to releases Cortisol into your system which weakens the immune system severely and the immune system is what suppresses the Herpes virus. This is done by aid of your emotions and how you think and feel. Notice when you are happy and relaxed outbreaks do not occur but when you are stressed, fatigued or unwell an outbreak appears? It is a direct link. This is also why some people suffer with outbreaks and others don’t. It’s their mental and physical health.

How do you become OUTBREAK FREE? By using The Solution to Herpes (TSTH) treatment, a simple and highly effective treatment program that teaches you how to suppress the herpes virus FOREVER, boost your immune system along with QUICK and FAST ways to de-stress your life. Creating a happy and healthy body that cannot create herpes outbreaks! The Solution to Herpes (TSTH) treatment uses the most powerful techniques available… Read more…

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