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by JeffreyL on August 21, 2014

ParasitesRelief - Destroy Parasites & Heal Yourself in 30 DaysClick Image To Visit SiteThis letter is incredibly hard for me to write, as embarrassing and humiliating as it is at times, but with all the anguish and pain I’ve gone through to discover these secrets, I feel like I have to tell you the whole truth. 

Even if I might give you “too much information” at times, this is really how I finally got rid of my parasites once and for all.

You see, it all started a few years ago, when I finally made the decision to start improving my health for the sake of having more energy and being more focused.

But there were still some unusual symptoms lingering around, I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  For example… 

I had heard about parasites, but never suspected I could have it.  After all, with my new clean diet I thought I was the healthiest person on planet earth.

Then one day, I finally got sick of the itching and constant fatigue and depression, and started researching what could be the cause. I read somewhere that my symptoms could be related to parasites. At that time, I was ready to accept that I might have parasites, and my intuition lead me to do so.

Based on my initial research, I made a few more changes to my diet and within a few days, my itch nearly disappeared and my mood swings and depression attacks were much less frequent and intense

I was baffled. All these years I thought I was on the perfect diet, when in reality I was doing more harm to myself than good.  Because I thought “natural” sugar was okay, and even healthy for me, I was eating TONS of fruit every day, which is loaded with sugar.

My volume of sugar intake was actually “flaring up” my parasites infection, which manifested as itching and extreme depression.

These symptoms completely went away as soon as I cut sugar from my diet, but they would always “flare up” again as soon as I ate a little bit of sugar.

I stayed away from sugar, and gradually I started feeling much, much better. It was like I was transforming into a different person. I never thought that diet, and something so unknown to most people like parasites, could have such an effect on one’s state of mind and happiness.

I kept seeing small improvements, but whenever I ate anything sweet, even if it was literally a handful of berries, the symptoms would always come back. 

I knew then something was still not right and I needed to look into this parasite thing even further. 

As time went by, and as I researched and read every health book I could lay my hands on and attended every health seminar I could, I started putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

As I researched more and more, asking experts and reading books, I ran into this lady one day who shared her story with me and said.

“You’ll never… Read more…

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