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by JeffreyL on August 24, 2014

Clear Skin SecretsClick Image To Visit SiteMy name is Chris Simmons. When I was in high school, I had a terrible breakout, and in a panic, I put on a ton of the most popular zit cream before going to class. I thought it would blend in to my face like lotion, but I had put on too much, and it looked like clown makeup.

The prettiest girl in class noticed it right away and said, "Are you alright? You’re white as a ghost." I immediately realized what had happened, but I actually felt RELIEF – my only thought was "at least she didn’t notice my acne." That’s how ashamed I was of my zits. I literally preferred to look like a clown.

I thought I was a special, hopeless case. Then I traveled around the world for six months and asked holistic natural healers in 23 different countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, and Africa for their guiding rules about healing acne and maintaining healthy skin. I collected their wisdom about acne prevention and acne treatment and made the easy changes in diet and lifestyle they advised.

When I returned, my skin, for the first time since I was 12 years old, was pimple-free. I looked great. Of course, everyone noticed it.

You’ve been using expensive, chemical-smelling creams and pads, or tried overnight "miracle cures", but your acne only gets worse. You need a natural solution.

You hesitate to talk to attractive men and women because your bad skin puts them "out of your league".

Acne is making you self-conscious about your looks, robbing you of your confidence. You want to look and feel healthy.

You don’t want to watch a bunch of videos, subscribe to anything, or go on a 10-day fast. You just want to know which acne cures actually WORK.

"I never thought it would work so fast! When I’m out with my friends, I feel like a new, healthier person. Thanks, Chris!"

"The morning after I started using the tips in Clear Skin Secrets, I could feel my skin was less oily and less irritated. Two weeks later, you can see the difference."

"Hey, just had to show you, it’s getting better everyday. The foods and plants you recommend obviously are making a huge change. Why did I wait this long to fix my skin??"

The acne-fighting SUPERFRUIT available at your supermarket right now. Eat two of these a day, and you can see your acne improve in less than a week. HINT: it’s not expensive, and it’s not the silly Acai berry.

The natural plant extract that you should put on your face every single day. It’s scientifically proven to repair damaged skin, safely and effectively.

The two foods you probably ate this week that are so likely to cause pimple breakouts, I call them ACNE ROCKET FUEL. You MUST NOT eat these foods.

The common herb that you should be eating every single day. It’s great on potatoes, with tomatoes, and in meat… Read more…

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