by JeffreyL on November 24, 2013

AttentionClick Image To Visit SiteFrom the desk of Alistair Stevenson – psychologist/therapist/business trainer and stress expert comes: The Calm Curriculum Re: Kill your stress habit… Not Yourself!

If you DON’T, then please leave this page now… there are plenty of other people, more than half the world, who want need my help.

Still here? Good. Then you are one of the lucky ones. You have the right attitude for me to work with you.

I have read, listened and taken part in many training programs and I’ve found countless flaws, gaps and mistakes in other stress management courses.

They mostly contain crucial problems which are holding people back from successful stress management and they only concentrate on one aspect. I’ve spent literally thousands on my education and stress management products so that you don’t have to.

Everyone knows they should reduce their stress levels. I mean, the list of stress related problems reads like the recipe for a global epidemic of destruction and if we, as a species, don’t take personal responsibility now, it will be too late for humanity!

Okay, I hear what you’re saying. You know that you should lose the stress, but you just can’t!

People keep telling you to calm down or don’t worry but how do you do that? there is no instruction manual for the brain.

You assume that if it was EASY then why would millions of unhappy people stress out, killing themselves, across the planet?

I have dedicated so much of my spare time developing the perfect system to kick anxiety, stress and worry from your life, this, of course, has been a personal journey for me.

We’re constantly being told by industry leaders, doctors and psychologists, that stress is making businesses lose money, majorly effecting health at epidemic proportions – and it`s getting worse!!

If you believe that relaxing and thinking differently is difficult, then I am here to tell you that you are WRONG. No offence, but you are.

Well, not exactly wrong, but misinformed and uneducated. You believe a myth which has been circulating virtually since the world came into existence.

"But I tried to take time and learn to relax before but it’s just so difficult and takes too much time". You hear it all the time, right?

That rumour is spreading across the world like a record breaking game of Chinese whispers… It becomes more and more widely believed with every second! Stress is a part of life, working hard leads to stress.

That’s right! Thanks to a GLOBAL MISUNDERSTANDING about stress, everyone thinks their 1 method, their 1 therapy, is the best – almost like a religion. But what we all need is a combination of many therapies and easy lifestyle changes, to help us lose the stress. Just relaxing is good, but not good enough. You can’t work and deal with problems in a hypnotic trance all the time. Just CBT is good, but not good enough. Most practitioners don’t explain it properly and people… Read more…

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